Beautiful canal boat ride.

Today was spent exploring Stratford-upon-Avon, which boasts a rich literary culture in one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited. Here you will find the birthplace and final resting place of William Shakespeare. The quaint canal ride provided an ideal way to experience the layout of Stratford, including a picturesque view of the Holy Trinity Church.

Communing with butterflies in an impressive and well-run butterfly farm on the outer edges of Stratford.

One of my favorite experiences was the Butterfly Farm which was a tropical expanse housing various species of butterflies from all over the world. Hundreds of butterflies fluttered lazily around the compound and many could be spotted eating fruit or enjoying the foliage.

Cool as a cucumber caterpillar munches on leaves to obtain energy to transform into a beautiful butterfly.

Two separate rooms branched off from the main building: the Caterpillar Room and Insect & Arachnid City. The caterpillar room was particularly of interest to me and reminded me of a catalog or library of sorts. Each species had their designated area and plant of choice for the caterpillar to feast on. Plants contained caterpillars, pupae, chrysalis, and freshly hatched butterflies.

The birthplace of Shakespeare as seen from Henley Street.

Startford-upon-Avon is renown for the birthplace of William Shakespeare and has been established as historical site created in his honor. A small Carnegie library is located right next door to this house, which is very appropriate for carrying on a literary legacy to the general public. Making Shakespeare’s works and countless others’ accessible to everyone who wishes to enjoy them.

For additional information on this idyllic library check out this website.

View of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre from across the River Avon.

To perfectly conclude the day that group went to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre to watch a production of The Merchant of Venice. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience – while I am unfamiliar with the play – and was captivated by the stage build and production. To me it was quite poetic to watch a play written by Shakespeare in the town where he was born and is now laid to rest.


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